As a founder and Chairman of QCE Group, SABA spent almost 16 years in studying, challenging and solving problems. He was working more than 110 working hours per week that including weekends to finding the opportunity, fixing and running the day to day QCE businesses. He has multiplied the number of sales and increased the income, targets, and success to over hundred businesses inside and outside of QCE Malaysia businesses in more than dozens of industries and not only in Malaysia also worldwide by virtually working with over dozens of countries.

SABA always offer something others refuse to do to get the space in the market and that’s uncommon to the other due to the commitment with time, energy and money so working with him is abnormal to most of the people and that is how he got ability to achieve the success with every single business he starts as he always go with the untapped opportunities and undervalued possibilities and he strongly believe this is the only quantity that majority of the business owner love to do business with him.

If you are a selfless person who is working today to leave something for tomorrow generation and if you strongly believe in ethical business practices, then please don’t hesitate to reach us to build your own business.

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